Plan & Design

Any Company’s business are completely depends on their IT Infrastructure. It is now time to align the IT Infrastructure to your business goals. Keeping a smoothly functioning IT setup is vital for the health of your business. But to evolve a setup that gives your business a quantum leap through improved productivity levels, better quality products in short time frames, and increased customer satisfaction, you need to chart out a roadmap for the IT Infrastructure that is built around the best practices followed in the industry. When IT processes, service levels, roles and responsibilities and metrics to quantify the returns have not been clearly spelt out, it is a disaster waiting to happen. Excellent Infosys can help you out for the right combination of platforms and applications and assist you in designing, building, managing an always-available IT Infrastructure. Excellent Infosys helps you create a setup that is capable of handling change as businesses adapt to market environments by making your resources concurrent, by deploying a Concurrent Infrastructure.

Excellent Infosys has extensive experience in delivering high-quality IT Infrastructure services for all kinds of verticals and technology environments. Coupled with the best processes as defined by the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), the industry standard for IT management, the Excellent Infosys team Can develop and maintain the IT backbone of your enterprise.

Technology Infrastructure
Technology Consultants work along with our clients to understand your business requirement, challenges and applications to design a robust Concurrent Infrastructure (CI) to meet the needs of your business today with scalability of tomorrow.

ITIL Practice
Excellent Infosys with its pool of ITIL certified and experience professionals helps you design IT Services Management (ITSM) processes to form the governance to maximize the ROI on your IT Infrastructure and create a strong governance layer.